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Brașov, a Romanian city working towards a green, CO2-free future!

Back in 2011, Brașov was designated the “Green Capital of Romania”. It is a historical city built more than 800 years ago, located in the heart of the country and counting around 253,000 inhabitants. Surrounded by nature, the city every year welcomes thousands of tourists attracted by its cultural heritage, as well as its medieval legends.

Being one of the first cities that signed the Covenant of Mayors, Brașov voluntarily committed to improving energy efficiency and increasing the use of renewable energy sources on its territory. It aims at being a source of inspiration for its citizens, and has set itself the challenge to manage to attract tourists not only for the places to visit, but also for the healthy life and sustainable community created here.

Brașov’s Sustainable Energy Action Plan*, approved by the City Council, was developed as an ambitious strategy for introducing sustainable energy as a responsibility of the local government and integrating it into the areas influenced trough political decisions and administrative measures. Braşov municipality aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 32% by 2020 (compared to 2008 levels).

More than 10 years ago, the municipality set up a Local Energy Management Agency (ABMEE) through a program of the European Commission. Together with ABMEE, Brașov developed intelligent energy projects and awareness-raising campaigns in order to create a strong society where both local administration and citizens push for the same objective: a green carbon-free future making use of local resources and offering a high quality of life. Moreover, Brașov is a city thinking of its future generations and their chance to enjoy fresh air and clear skies. For that reason, the city considers that responsible decisions need to be made today.

ABMEE is a partner in progRESsHEAT and Brașov is one of the six case study cities of the project.

*See Brasov’s SEAP on the Covenant of Mayors website