About progRESsHEAT

Case study cities

The target countries of progRESsHEAT are Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Portugal and Romania.

Local case studies will be conducted in:

  • Herten (Germany),
  • Litomerice (Czech Republic),
  • Matosinhos (Portugal),
  • Helsingor (Denmark),
  • Brasov (Romania),
  • Ansfelden (Austria).

The considered target countries and municipalities show different conditions in terms of climatic conditions, relevant industry sectors, penetration of district heating, energy and technology mix in the heating and cooling sector, state of efficiency and technologies, existing policy framework and tradition, and barriers to renewable and efficient heating and cooling. A mix of countries and regions have been selected in order to have a realistic, representative analysis of the heating and cooling sector and to allow the results to be easily disseminated.

The six case studies will notably help us identify barriers and drivers to fostering the use of renewable energy in heating and cooling networks across the EU.

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CASE STUDY CITY [Focus of local analysis and capacity building]REGION [Dissemination of recommendations]COUNTRY [National policy assistance]
Herten North-Rhine Westphalia Germany
Litomerice Ústí Czech Republic
Matosinhos Norte Portugal
Helsingor Zealand Denmark
Brasov Brasov Romania
Ansfelden Upper Austria Austria