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Homeowners in Elsinore enjoy tailor-made support for saving energy

Have you ever wondered how to reduce the energy consumption of your citizens? Then Elsinore’s award-winning approach will definitely be worth the read.

The municipality of Elsinore has set itself the ambitious goal of reducing CO2 emissions to no more than 1 ton per citizen per year, by 2030. Today, around 34% of CO2 emissions in the city are caused by private households and their consumption of heat and electricity. To reach its objective, the municipality has therefore designed a policy that directly addresses the households.

The climate department of the municipality has developed a tailor-made programme for private homeowners, based on four key actions:

  1. Provision of 10 heat detectors (measuring temperatures) which are available for everyone to create awareness
  2. Free online energy checks in cooperation with a local service provider that helps homeowners identify specific cost-saving potentials and provides recommendations for energy retrofitting
  3. Home owners with very high savings potentials are offered visits by an energy consultant (paid for by the municipality)
  4. 40 local businesses, company owners and craftsmen have been trained in climate and energy renovation, energy savings and sustainable business development. They shall provide their advice to find energy-efficient solutions.

The four measures have one thing in common: they are easy to implement through a smart design. For example, the online energy checks use data from the central housing register and from the heat supplier, reducing the complexity and the time a user has to spend on the check. This simplicity combined with clear and transparent information on the web paved the way to the campaigns success.

In 2014, the municipality of Elsinore won the Energiforum Denmark prize for best project to address energy behavior in private households. Chief Consultant Karen Marie Pagh Nielsen from the climate department talks about her experience with the implementation and her advice for other programmes in the video below.

Between September 2013 and March 2014 - first pilot period of the programme - over 100 citizens borrowed a heat detector, 312 citizens made the online energy check, 139 received visits by energy consultants, and 49 decided to carry out energy saving works. The renovation works costed a total DKK 12 million (ca. €1.6 million) and benefited the business of local craftsmen. The measures resulted in a decrease in CO2 emissions of 44 tons.

Elsinore is one of the six case study cities of the progRESsHEAT project.