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progRESsHEAT webinar on 24 June: Assessing the potential for combined heat and power in EU member states – insights from Austria and Germany

8 June 2016
The EU Energy Efficiency Directive requires Member States to assess potentials for Combined-heat- power applications and district heating solutions based on regional information. Most member states have submitted assessments to the Commission. (...)

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Homeowners in Elsinore enjoy tailor-made support for saving energy

25 April 2016
Have you ever wondered how to reduce the energy consumption of your citizens? Then Elsinore’s award-winning approach will definitely be worth the read. The municipality of Elsinore has set itself the ambitious goal of reducing CO2 emissions to (...)

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Sharing and learning in a progRESsHEAT cross-municipality workshop in Denmark

15 April 2016
Representatives from the six case study cities of the progRESsHEAT project gathered mid-March in Denmark for a cross-municipality workshop and study visits. Six municipalities are case studies in the progRESsHEAT project: Herten (Germany), (...)

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EU Energy Efficiency Directive: National Heating and Cooling Plans partially available

1 April 2016
Article 14 of the Energy Efficiency Directive required each EU Member State to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the national potential of high-efficient co-generation and efficient district heating and cooling by December 2015. These (...)

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EU Strategy on Heating and Cooling: Decarbonizing our buildings

17 February 2016
Just yesterday, the European Commission released a Communication on the EU Strategy on Heating and Cooling aiming at a "smarter and more sustainable use of heating and cooling". Heating and cooling consume half of the EU’s energy and much of it (...)

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Helsingør, Denmark: Towards a fossil free municipality

11 December 2015
Background information The municipality of Helsingør, located some 40 km north of the Danish Capital Copenhagen, covers an area of 122 km², and has a total population of around 60,000 inhabitants living in the main city and smaller surrounding (...)

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Brașov, a Romanian city working towards a green, CO2-free future!

16 July 2015
Back in 2011, Brașov was designated the “Green Capital of Romania”. It is a historical city built more than 800 years ago, located in the heart of the country and counting around 253,000 inhabitants. Surrounded by nature, the city every year (...)

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Litoměřice, the next Czech post-carbon city

26 June 2015
While it has traditionally been relying on coal combustion for most of its energy use, the city is now taking steps towards a low-carbon future. Litoměřice (24,388 inhabitants) is located in the Northern Bohemia region on the Elbe River. (...)

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