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I. Technical aspects
Biomass, CHP, Cooling technologies, Energy efficiency measures, Excess heat, Geothermal energy, Heat pumps, Hydropower, Photovoltaic, Solar thermal, Wind.
Which technologies may be best used under which circumstances?

II. Financial aspects
Financial aspects and calculation, Overview of support schemes feed-in tarriffs , Overview of opportunities regarding NBM

III. Policy framework
Barriers and success factors, Overview of relevant legislation, Policy measures, Policy recommendations, Overview of permitting measures

Reduction of thermal demand in building, Biomass, Industrial excess heat in district heating systems, Heat pumps, Barriers and drivers to using renewable energy in heating and cooling

Introduction to the Least Cost Tool

Reduction of thermal demand in buildings, Solar thermal energy, Heat pumps, Example of the decarbonisation roadmap of the city of Herten

Photovoltaic systems, Solar thermal systems, Supporting schemes for renewable and efficient solutions for heating and cooling

Reduction of thermal demand in buildings, Heat pumps, Photovoltaic systems