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EU - National Heating & Cooling Plans
The Energy Efficiency Directive requires each EU country to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the national potential of cogeneration and district heating and cooling (a main user of cogeneration) by December 2015.
See the plans submitted here.

progRESsHEAT countries and cities
District Heating - Danish experiences (Danish Energy Agency, State of Green, Danish Board of District Heating)

Related projects & inititiatives
Heat Roadmap Europe 4
The objective of Heat Roadmap Europe is to create the scientific evidence required to support the decarbonisation of the heating and cooling sector in Europe
The project addresses market uptake challenges for a wider use of district heating and cooling systems (DHC) with high shares of RES, specifically the action focuses on the use of large-scale solar thermal plants combined with other RES in DHC systems.
The purpose is to amplify and accelerate the development of new low carbon heating and cooling systems across Europe, and to enable faster upgrade, refurbishment, and expansion of existing networks.
The open source mapping and planning tool for heating and cooling
The PLANHEAT project develops a simulation tool so that your city can map, plan and identify low-carbon, economically viable scenarios
The CoolHeating project promotes the implementation of "small modular renewable heating and cooling grids" for communities in South-Eastern Europe.
RHC - European Technology Platform
Brings together stakeholders from the biomass, geothermal and solar thermal sector to define a common strategy for increasing the use of renewable energy technologies for heating and cooling.
Set up to help the participating Member States examine all aspects related to the sector of heating and cooling from Renewable Energy Sources.
The project actively supports policy making by providing the required data, analysis and guidelines to achieve a fast and strong penetration of nZEB and RES-H/C within the existing national building stocks.
Accelerating the uptake of geothermal district heating for ensuring security of supply
The aim of SDHplus is to foster the changeover of district heating to solar energy
Addresses key challenges to the further development and implementation of district cooling in order to overcome its small market share of below 2%.
The project aims at promoting a level playing field for Renewable Heating and Cooling in Europe.
RES H/C Spread
Aims to develop six pilot regional plans for heating and cooling from renewable energy.
Aims at increasing the diffusion of smart and flexible district heating and cooling (DHC) systems, basing on high shares of renewable energy sources (RES), in European cities.
The STRATEGO project aims at helping national and local authorities develop enhanced Heating & Cooling plans.
CELSIUS - Smart Cities
A platform of networking and knowledge, CELSIUS takes a holistic approach to overcome technical, social, financial and political barriers to district heating and cooling solutions.
The main objective of INDIGO is the development of a more efficient, intelligent and economical competitive generation of DC systems by improving system planning, control and management.

Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants
COGEN Europe
The European association for the promotion of cogeneration
European Geothermal Energy Council
European Federation of Intelligent Energy Efficiency Services
EuroHeat & Power
An international association representing the District Heating and Cooling (DHC) and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) sectors
4DH is an international research centre which develops 4th generation district heating technologies and systems.